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   LESVOS island


    Lesvos is located in the North Aegean Sea, 5-8 miles away from the Asia Minor (Turkey) coastline. It's the largest island of the Prefecture who takes its name after the island. Other islands of the Prefecture are: Lemnos and Agios Efstratios and a few other uninhabited islets, dotted about. Lesvos is the third biggest of all Greek islands(after Crete and Evia) and is connected by ferry to Piraeus, Rafina Kavala and Salonica. It has its own agricultural (olive tree cultivation and husbandry) and fishing economies, ouzo distilleries as well as a developing tourist economy. In general its climate is mild, with hot summers, temperate winters and long lasting periods of sunlight all around the year.


    Its capital Mytilene is also the capital of the Prefecture and the administrative centre, where the Ministry of the Aegean, the Prefecture of North Aegean, the Courts of Justice, the District of North Aegean, Port Authorities and the University of the Aegean are located. In size, the island occupies 1630 with a coastline of 370 km and a population of 100.000 inhabitants. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times (as archaeological findings have proved) and has a rich presence in history over many centuries. In our modern times, small town names with a mythological origin are still in use (Mytilene, Kalloni, Antissa, Eressos, Mythimna etc.).



    The two Gulfs of Kalloni (in the centre) and Gera (to the east) give the island its characteristic shape. The highest mountains are: Lepetymnos (north, height 968 m), Olympos (south, height 968 m) and Psilokoudouno (south 845 m). Many small rivers (Evergetoulas, Tsiknias, Tsichliotas, Mylopotamos) criss cross the island, creating small green planes around them). The saltpans of Kalloni and Polychnitos, around the Gulf of Kalloni, give their own characteristic presence in the island. For the visitor, who will travel across the island it is obvious that the central and south east areas of Lesvos are the most fertile and verdant parts (olive groves of 11 million olive trees, forests of pine and cypress trees dominate the landscape), while the north west areas, in comparison by the majority are an arid, rocky, moonlike landscape. It is very easy and enjoyable to tour the island and feel the nature, tradition, culture and hospitality of its people, which are prevalent throughout. No visitor can be anything but enchanted after such an experience.In this travelogue we will try to give you an idea of what you will find, but of course your own experience will be that much more true to life and personal to you. So in the meantime just VISUALISE!



    Most tour guide writers for Lesvos will start their journeys from the capital Mytilene. We don't, for many reasons, the most important of which is: ONLY BUSES start from Mytilene to go to various parts of the island. Most of the time our customers are located outside of Mytilene, therefore OUR CARS are too. So it is logical for us to start our trip from anywhere else but Mytilene. For the sake of continuity we will start our trip from CENTRAL LESVOS and continuing anticlockwise, end our trip at WEST LESVOS. Its impossible to circumnavigate the island and enjoy the experience in one day therefore follow the links, for manageable and enjoyable day driving trips at Lesvos.


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