About Lesvos Alfa Lesvos Car Rental

The surface of Lesvos island and the successive changes of its natural land, make the occupation of a car a necessity.

Sometimes this is impossible ( because of over-booked ships ) but it could become a retarding factor for your visit to the island because of high cost.

The solution is Lesvos Alfa  Car Rental, a company expecting you at the island to take that problem away from you and of course to offer the ability -with the best money saving way - to enjoy the island.

Lesvos Alfa  Car Rental  family business experienced to this section since 1974.
The frequent renewal of its fleet with new models proper for urban and rural roads of the island combined with the total technical service, guarantee safety and certainly relaxed driving.

Lesvos Alfa  Car Rental has its base in Mytilene but we can be close to you (take and deliver cars) wherever you have your vacation on the island..

You can not only deliver our cars from the harbor or airport of Mytilene but from every part of the island too.
Enjoy the entire island of Lesvos
with one of our cars !!!

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